Oct 16th, 2019

 Prof. Esther von Stebut-Borschitz

Vice Dean, Medical Faculty, University of Cologne, Germany 

Experience Sharing: The Development of Being a MD and Researcher 

 IMG 2548 speech Cologne

In addition to visit for the Cooperation Framework Agreement Signing Ceremony on Oct 15th, 2019, Prof. von Stebut-Borschitz also gave us a speech to share her personal experience of building up a successful career as a clinican scientist. 除了在民國108年十月十五日簽署合作協定,科隆大學醫學院副院長 Dr. von-Stebut-Borschitz 隔日為醫學院給予特別演講,分享其成為一位臨床醫師兼科學家的職業與研究經歷。  

   Oct 14th, 2019

 Ajou-KMU Joint Symposium.

Theme: Cancer Research 

  IMG 2368 group

Speakers from Ajou University: Prof. Hoon Hur (Stand left 6), Prof. Tae Jun Park (Sit right 1), Prof. Hyeseong Cho (Sit left 1); Delegates from Ajou University: Dean, College of Medicine Prof. Young-Taek Oh (Sit left 3), Prof. Miran Kim (Sit right 2), and Prof. Byung Gon Kim (Sit left 2). Speakers from KMU College of Medicine: Prof. Ya-Ling Hsu (Stand right 5), Prof. Shih-Hsien Hsu (Stand right 4), and Prof. Mei-Ren Pan (Stand left 1). Other attendees: President Prof. Yuh-Jyh Jong; Dean College of Medicine, Prof. Yin-Chun Tien (sit right 3); Director of Global Affairs, Dr. Hisang-Chun Lee (Stand right 3); Chief, Graduate Institute of Medicine, Prof. Bin-Nan Wu (Stand left 5); Department of Biochemistry, Prof. Yi-Ren Hung (Stand left 4). 亞州大學演講者三位 Dr. Hur、Dr. Park 和 Dr. Cho。出席代表三位包括該校醫學院院長 Prof. Young-Taek Oh、研究所生物醫學所長 Prof. Byung Gon Kim和醫學教育長 Prof. Miran Kim;高醫演講者三位:許雅玲教授、許世賢教授和潘美仁教授。其他與會者包括鐘育志校長、田英俊院長、李香君組長,醫學研究所所長吳炳男教授、生化所洪義人教授、醫學院黃阿梅老師。

  DSC07178 symposium 潘美仁

IMG 2441 Discussion


  July 22, 2019

 Honorable Speaker Dr. Yuan-Chi Lin, from Harvard Medical School.

Topic: Easing Pediatric Pain 

  2019 07 22 13.05.29

2019 09 15 20.55.09 The speaker Dr. Yuan-Chi Lin, also one of our outstanding allumni, had prepared a memo paper on each audience desk, and let us to write down the question showing on his very first slide of his presentation: "Who has influenced you the most for you to become a KMU person?" 演講者林淵智教授,亦其高醫醫學系傑出校友,在每個座位桌上放一張便條紙,使我們寫下在他的演講中的第一張投影片上面的問題:“誰是影響你成為高醫人最多的人?”。

2019 07 22 16.56.12

Photo taken with the speaker Dr. Yuan-Chi Lin (in blue suit), the Director of Acupuncture Servive, Senior Associate in Perioperative Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology, Clinical Care and Pain Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital, and also Associate Professor of Anesthesia (Pediatrics), Harvard Medical School, USA. 醫學院邀請演講者林淵智教授(中央著藍色西服),其為波士頓兒童醫院麻醉部、重症照護與疼痛醫學資深醫師,針灸醫療主任,並擔任哈佛醫學院小兒麻醉的副教授。


  June 21~22, 2019

 2019 International Conference on Medical Professionalism and Humanities.

Organizers: College of Medicine, KMU

College of Humanities and Social Sciences, KMU

Conference Forum



April 7~ 10, 2019

ATTENDING CONFERENCE. 2019  World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) in Seoul, Korea 

Photo Apr 07 21 49 52

(Left to right) Photo taken with Dean, College of Medicine, Korea University, Prof. Hong Sik Lee, MD, PhD, also the Vice President of this WFME conference; Dean Prof. Yin-Chun Tien led faculty members, Prof. Peih-Ying Lu, Dr. Hsiang-Chun Lee, and Prof. Jong-Hau Hsu to join the opening ceremony of WFME which was held in Grand Walkerhill, Seoul, Korea. 醫學院與會代表於世界醫學教育大會開幕典禮現場與副主席,也是 Korea University 醫學院院長 Hong Sik Lee 教授合影 (左到右)田英俊院長呂佩穎教授、李香君醫師、徐仲豪主任。

IMG 3269 

 Prof. Peih-Ying Lu received the Certificate of Appreciation after giving a speech entitled "Knowledge & Professional values: beyond evidence based medicine".  呂佩穎教授在大會演講後接受感謝狀。

  Photo Apr 08 22 25 59

 In April 8th evening, Faculty members joined the "Taiwan Night" which was hosted by Superintendent, National Defense Medical Center Tri-Service General Hospital, Prof. Chien-Sung Tsai, MD.  四月八日晚上參加三軍總醫院院長蔡建松教授安排的台灣之夜晚宴。

Photo Apr 08 22 26 31

Experience sharing on medical educators from other Medical Colleges.  台灣之夜晚宴上與其他醫學院的醫學教育者交流醫學教育與評鑑的相關經驗。