With the well-established transportation, you could take KMRT to travel around Kaohsiung. There are some recommended places that you must to visit: 

1.Rueifong Night Market
There is no doubt to explore the local Kaohsiung city in Rueifong Night Market. The stores and vendors in this area sell the most delicious foods comparing with other night markets. There are not only numerous amazing snacks but also stylish clothes and articles that can be found there. It has recently became more and more popular since the KMRT has been established. 

2. Former British Consulate At Dagou 
The original ancient building, red brick, flower fence, stone sculptures and arches create an exotic style. From here, you can enjoy the diverse day and night scenery of Kaohsiung. Not only with this great advantage you can also overlook the entire Siziwan Bay which is really magnificent when the sunset. 

3.Pier-2 Art Center
This unique space creates a connection between art and harbor. Regular activities and exhibitions will be held here and have facilitated the sprouting and growth of art. Meanwhile, you can visit the Banana harbor which is only one block away from here. Those exhibitions will definitely catch your breath, it will be a regret not to visit.

4. Kaohsiung City Tower 
The tower has two roles in Kaohsiung city, one is City Tower the other one is splendid hotel. It used to be the highest building in the world before Dubai Tower. But it is still picturesque with the sunset reflect on the entire building. Also, it will be delightful to enjoy the dinner in the tower, especially when the ship toward into the harbor. The scenery is beyond the words!

5. Lotus Pond
It is a small man-made lake and popular destination on the east side of Kaohsiung. Opened in 1951, it is famous for the numerous lotus blooms during the summer. At the same time, there are temples around the lake and each of them has their particular history.


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