Foods around the KMU – 
Restaurants and food venders locate on almost every corner of the street. It is very unlikely to get starve in Kaohsiung! Apart from the local food stores, there are also McDonald’s and KFC near the campus. The following are some recommendations about where to have some Taiwanese meals. 

Where for breakfast?

  1. East Planter Gate Walking out of east planter gate in the morning, you can see many stores selling Taiwanese or western styles breakfast. The price is reasonable and the food is quite good.
  2. Shiquan 1st Rd. (near Hospital Building A & B) & Qingdao St. There restaurants serve Taiwanese food and American food. These restaurants serve all kinds of Taiwanese foods, ranged from the omelet, soup dumpling, clay oven rolls, rice and vegetable rolls, Soybean milk, etc.                                                                         

Where for Lunch?

  1. The Student Cafe While in rush, the cafe under alumni house would be your top choice to have lunch.
  2. Hospital Building A (Basement 1)─Food Court More than 10 restaurants, coffee shop, 7-11. (Price of the food meal: NT$100-150, you can get 10% discount when you show student ID.)
  3. Qingdao St. & Shandong St. The Qingdao St. and Shandong St. are great places for having lunch. Along the streets lie numerous restaurants providing various kinds of cuisine. Some stores may even give discount to KMU students on showing valid student ID
  4. East Planter Gate By lunch time, the stores outside east planter gate are crowded up with our 3 students.
  5. Shiquan 1st Rd. (near Hospital Building A & B) & Qingdao St. These restaurants serve all kinds of Taiwanese food, from the Taiwanese meat balls, braised Pork Rice, meat Rice tamales, Danzai Noodles, beef noodles…etc.

Where for Dinner?

  1. Qingdao St.& Shandong St. More stores would stay open in the evening. There are also some fantastic restaurants along Shandong St.
  2. Jiling Night Market Jilin Night Market is situated on Jilin Street and Rehe 1st Street near Kaohsiung Medical University. As a result of the intense market competition and the location close to school district, it has become one of the most popular night markets in Kaohsiung with unique features. There are a considerable number of old shops and restaurants located in Jilin Night Market with more than 10 years of history. Like any other night markets, Jilin Night Market offers a wide variety of delicacies such as marinated food, ice treats, fried crispy chicken nuggets, Hong Kong-style dim sum, etc. Jilin Night Market is always full of vitality and passion. Besides traditional snacks, all sorts of exotic cuisines and new products have quietly merged into the local as well.