• Second largest city in Taiwan (population:1.5 m)
• The harbor is the sixth largest port in the world 
• Weather in Kaohsiung: Hot during summer.

Kaohsiung city is a tropical city with abundant sunshine. Sunglasses and sunscreen lotion are strongly recommended in summer. In winter, a light jacket would be sufficient to keep you warm. The indoor places such as department stores, hospitals, and schools are air-conditioned, but there would be no heat in wintertime.

Monthly Average Temperature of Kaohsiung

Mon Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Tem 19.7 22.1 23.5 25 27.7 28.9 30.2 28.1 28.2 26.8 23.4 21.8

Where to buy clothes?

1. New Jyuejiang Shopping Area
As for youth, the best place to keep you in style would be New Jyuejiang Shopping Area at KMRT Central Park Station (R9). Since the clothes here are less expensive but trendy. This area is always crowded during holidays. 

  • Take KMRT to Central Park Station (R9). 
  • Exit from No.2 exit.

2. Sanduo Shopping Area 
Looking for something fancier? At Sanduo shopping area, you have great choices not only items but also stores! Three famous department chains have their branch side by side: Shinkong Mitsukoshi, Far Eastern (FE’21) and Sogo.  

  • Take KMRT to Sanduo Shopping District Station (R8). 
  • Exit from No.4 exit for Shinkong Mitsukoshi and Sogo, No.2 for Far Eastern.

3. Hanshin Department Stores 
If you are after brand designer’s collection, Hanshin Department Store would be your best choice. There are two Hanshin Department Stores in Kaohsiung. The original one is near Central Park: 

  • Take KMRT to Central Park Station (R9). 
  • Exit from either No.1 or No.2 exits, you will see the tall building of Hanshin.

The new-open one is near Kaohsiung Arena: 

  • Take KMRT to Kaohsiung Arena Station (R14). 
  • Exit from No.

5 exit. 4. Dream Mall (Hankyu) 
Dream Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Taiwan. Although it takes a little bit extra time to get there, there are many limited items that you can’t see anywhere else. 

  • Take KMRT to Kaisyan Station (R6). 
  • Exit from No.3 exit, and take the free shuttle to Dream Mall.