How to reach Kaohsiung? 
The THSR serves as the backbone of the west Taiwan traffic. Take THSR to Zouying Station (the last stop)., and you will arrive in Kaohsiung City.

Transportation on arrival 
There are two international airports in Taiwan: Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) and Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH). Kaohsiung International Airport is closer to our school while Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport receives more jets everyday.

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Kaohsiung International Airport

Coming from KHH airport 
1.Find the KMRT (Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit) Kaohsiung Int’l Airport Station (R4) outside the Terminal. 
2.Buy the ticket and take the train to Houyi Station (R12). 
3.Exit from the No.2 exit of Houyi Station.
4.Turn left and walk along Chaha-er St. until you see KMU. (It’s about 10 minutes walk.)

[Transportation inside Kaohsiung]
MRT System in Kaohsiung 
The KMRT connects the airport and the THSR to the KMU. 
Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT) started to run in 2008. Before the KMRT was constructed, visitors can only rent a motorcycle (which is still the most convenient way to travel around) or take the Kaohsiung city bus.

Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit (KMRT)

There are two kinds of cards you could use.  
Single Journey Ticket 
1. Use the automatic ticket vending machine to choose your destination. The fee of the journey will be displayed.
2. Insert money to purchase the ticket.
3. Scan the ticket as passing the gate. 
4. The ticket would be collected by the automatic gate as exiting. 

I pass
If you utilise KMRT frequently, then it would be a great idea to buy an I pass card. You can top up your card from the added-value machine, and the added value will be valid for 2 years. Just scan the card at the automatic gates for entering and exiting. 

For more information, please visit: 
Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation

Kaohsiung City Bus
There are two bus stops close to KMU, which are Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital stop and Kaohsiung Medical College stop. The Kaohsiung city bus main terminal is at the front (south) gate. For more information, go to:

Transportation outside Kaohsiung
Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) 
With the maximum speed up to 300 km per hour, Taiwan High Speed Rail is the fastest and the smoothest way to travel in western Taiwan. It will take you only 1.5 hours from Taipei to Kaohsiung.

1.Buy the ticket at automatic ticket vending machine at the station. (
2.Insert the card as entering and exiting the gate. Don’t forget to take the ticket back. Also there are two kinds of seats on THSR, the first one is reserved seat with original price, and the other one is non-reserved seat which will be slightly cheaper (around 5% off)

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Taiwan High Speed Rail

Taiwan Railways (TRA)
Taiwan has a complete round-the-island railway network makes rail transportation highly convenient. From fastest to slowest: Tzu-Chian, Chu-Kuang, Fu-Hsing, Express and Local.

1. Buy the ticket at ticket booths. Tell the booking clerk your destination and expecting departure time. (You can also tell the clerk your train number .You can check in online or in person at stations.) 
2. Enter by showing the ticket to the checkup officer at the gate. He or she will punch a hole on your ticket. 
Long Distant Highway Bus 
Long distant highway bus services run by private transportation companies are very popular. They have an extensive network with a frequent service schedule. Price is reasonable and some bus companies even provide 24-hour service.