History of Harvard-KMU Alliance Foundation

  In 1995, with the set-up of HU-KMC Alliance, KMC, the predecessor of KMU, opened up a new epoch on the medical milestone. The establishment of the alliance mainly aims at the academic exchange between the professors, researchers and doctors at HU and KMU in order to promote the further advancement of both sides on biological medical research and education. The idea of establishing the alliance dawned upon in 1991.

Dr. Tsai, Juei-Hsiung

  Accompanied with Dr. Lee, Mu-En, a disciple of Dr. Tsai, Juei-Hsiung, the former principal of KMU, he went, in his 50s, for the advanced biological medical research at MGH, on the bank of River Charles, USA. At that time, Dr. Lee newly entered into the staff of HU and devoted himself to the field of the DNA control in heart and blood. Both were indulged in their research. One year later, Dr. Tsai graduated and was employed as the principal of KMU. He frequently invited Dr. Lee returned to KMU for teaching and helping set up the research in molecular biology. To accelerate the direct and revision of the dissertations, Dr. Lee introduced the Modem and helped set up the system of Internet and e-mail at KMU. Under the invitation by Dr. Edgar Haber, Dr. Lee entered into Dr. Haber's Center for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease at Harvard School of Public Health to expand the research lab. At this time, Principal Tsai appointed Dr. Tsai, Jer-Chia for a further study at Dr. Lee lab for 3 years.


  In 1995, fully aware of the effect of the medical research on the medical education, Chairman Chen, Tien-Chih donated to the establishment of Harvard Medical School (HMS) - Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) - Kaohsiung Medical College Alliance with the effort and support of Dr. Tsai and Dr. Lee, representing his alma mater, sincerely invited Dr. Haber to be the first director of Alliance, under which Steering Committee was set up with the members including Dr. Tsai, Juei-Hsiung, Dr. Young, Ming-Jen, Chairman Chen, and the secretary of the board of directors,

Dr. Edgar Harber

Dr. Edgar Haber, from HSPH, Dr. Lee, Mu En, Dr. Mitchell Spellman and Dr. Richard Crone, from HMS. Ms. Mary Mitchell, the secretary of Dr. Haber, was appointed as CEO. In that cool and pleasant Autumn, Mr. and Mrs. Haber, accompanied by Dr. Lee, flew 8000 miles west to KMU, signed the official cooperation document with Chairman Chen and Principal Tsai.


  The following Summer, Dr. Tsai, Juei-Hsiung, Chairman Chen, and Dr. Lin, Yung-Che, Superintendent of Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital, accompanied by Dr. Young, Ming-Jen, paid a formal visit to HU. They called on Neil Rudinstine, Principal of HU, Harvey Finebery, Director of HSPH, James Aare, Dean of HU, Dr. William Crone, the director of HMS Global Affairs, in order to understand deeply the clinical medicine, and the development of medical research and education at HU. Steering Committee also had a conference to negotiate several norms for activities for academic exchanges, to approve of Mr. William Goggins' research at College of Public Sanitation at KMU and the expense for the cardiac physicians to research at HU. That autumn, Principal Tsai invited Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell to KMU. Dr. Mitchell made a profound introduction on American education and hospital evaluation. Following up were the close academicals and instructional activities between KMU and HU.

Founder Dr. Tu, Tsung-Ming Library